Mission & Vision

We P-Tech Limited are dedicated to contribute socio-economic development of our country. At present though we are working with energy solution with green sources although we are trying to contribute with the following solutions:


Removal of Lead Acid Battery to save our environment: We believe, world should divert for its energy storage system from Lead Acid Battery to Lithium Ion Battery, so that we can save our next generation from lead toxication. And we found now a days it already takes in place. For the above circumstance, we PTL are planning to contribute at our country by assembling such type of Lithium Ion Battery. We already started work on that project and have some significant progress till now.


Working with Arsenic issue: We believe every person of this modern civilization aware about the Arsenic poison. And know we also have the same problem in our country. This stage we are looking for partners to work on this project. This project is also in our priority as well.


Biodegradable product enhancement to reduce plastic consumption: We all knows that plastics can’t be absorbed by the nature. But due to our energy crisis we produced more refined oil and ultimately produced a huge amount of resin which end product is plastics materials. But there is no solution in front of world to avoid those products as well. So basically, we have to find out the biodegradable product to avoid the plastics and we have to invent a technology so that we can destroy those plastics.


We PTL steps forward to manufacture some biodegradable product from jute, so that we can save our nature and help our country to earn some foreign remittance by exporting them. Initially we targeted jute made sandal, shopping bag and some more.